The Band

Aberay (AJ) Blount

Vocalist  Song Writer

AJ was born and raised in San Diego, California. He grew up in the South East part of the city where people get reprimanded for wearing the wrong colors and where there is a strong influence from unfavorable social networks. Fortunately, AJ’s close ties with his family and friends guided him away from trouble and in a positive direction… Read More

Nico Tuilesu

Drummer | Vocalist | Song Writer

Nico Tuilesu was born in San Diego, California and grew up in the community of Lemon Grove. Nico first played in a Punk Rock band called No One Knows (NOK) as their drummer and later left to join Tribal Theory. Not only does he contribute instrumentally and vocally, Nico also assists in composing and song writing for the band as well… Read More


Seuko Ricardo Hawkins

Vocalist | Song Writer | Producer

Seuko Ricardo Hawkins (Ku) was born in Camp Springs, Maryland, spent half of his childhood in Washington D.C. and currently resides in Southeast San Diego. Ku has always had a passion for music which began with writing poems. The first instrument that he learned how to play was the piano and once he started to learn more about his Island culture he quickly picked up the ukulele as well… Read More


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